Daniel C. Andreae, EdD, Honourary LLD Award-Winning Advocate for Neuroscience Alzheimer's Society of Toronto

In November 2017, Dr. Daniel Andreae flew to Rehovot, Israel to be honored for his work in the field of neurobiology. The Weizmann Institute dedicated the new Dr. Daniel C. Andreae Laboratory for Brain Research in honor of his work. Dr. Andreae was selected to be a member of the President’s Circle of the Weizmann Institute. He is the recipient of the Weizmann Canada Leadership Award and appointed member of the International Board of the Institute representing Canada. This honor joins the long list of achievements he has been recognized with throughout his career.

Dr. Andreae became involved in his profession because he has a passion for education and a dedication to lifelong learning. He believes that “education is not just an intellectual exercise, it is most effective when the head meets the heart and knowledge can be applied to enhance the quality of one’s life on all levels; emotional, physical, spiritual and social.”  Dr. Andreae holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with honors, from York University, a Master of Social Work with clinical specialization from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Doctorate in Adult Education from the University of Toronto. Furthermore, Dr. Andreae holds honourary doctorates from Assumption and Laurentian Universities. He studied at the Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital which is affiliated with Harvard Medical School and, was granted membership in the Harvard Medical Postgraduate Association for Continuing Education. He is also a founding member of the Coaching Institute at McLean Hospital in Boston, which is also affiliated with Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Andreae has received awards for community service from the Governor General of Canada and the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and has received numerous academic awards for his teaching excellence.

In his career, Dr. Andreae led a successful 10-year campaign to secure statutory legislation recognizing social work as a profession in Ontario. He was also the first Executive Director of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto. Furthermore, Dr. Andreae is an honorary patron of Brain Injury Canada and past chair of the Patrons Council of the Alzheimer Society. He has chaired the Advisory Council of the National Eating Disorder Center of Toronto General Hospital and was an integral figure in the organization he helped to launch over 30 years ago. 

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